How to proceed Without Intermediaries
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After reading the instructions and closing this window, click on the "Info Request - Availability, Fill In, Send without closing the form until you see the Processing Notice Happened!

You have the Host Confirmation you can Define within the term that will be shown to you. In the absence of your shares, the Free Option will automatically return to the availability of the loop without the need for mutual alerts!

Definition Type: With Advance (*20%) of Total Estimated Expenditures.
*Amount Closed at Balance on the Place.

Definition Mode:
- Instant Online on PayPal Secure Payment Platform
   PayPal system for subscribers, usual credit card for others (no additional cost).
Immediate Release of Definition Receipt, for you and for us.
Purchase covered by PayPal International Assurance Guarantee

- Bank transfer
In this case you will have to send us the e-mail for the data of the transfer. Bank Coordinates provided by Host.

Payments Accepted on Site:
Cash, Credit Cards, Bancomat

DISCLAIMER: It is important to know that this site aggregates tourist offers and promotes the direct encounter between its Users and Owners and / or Owners of present resources. Therefore, no reservation brokerage is made here and the agreements made during the contacts exceed any rule and / or methods indicated on these pages. The PayPal link, featured with resource-cards, is personalized and posted
By the owners / owners to drive the user on a secure PayPal platform, (outside this site) where the user issues or does not, after having authenticated, perform the operations he deems appropriate.


Without intermediaries it is better
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